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Our Services

   TRAINING        BOARDING       WALKING       


At The Confident Dog we are able to bridge the gap of communication between you and your dog.  Lack of communication between dog and owner can increase a dog’s insecurity and nervousness in our high-paced world.  Thus, the owner can often misunderstand their pet’s behavior, which creates a strained relationship.  Using leash and collar techniques while working in tandem with the anatomy and physiology of the canine breed, we are able to train you to be the leader and the guide.  No longer will your life revolve around your dog’s erratic behavior.  Instead, we will turn your dog into a properly mannered pooch by creating a symbiotic relationship using exercise and specific training techniques. Hands-on dog training of all ages, sizes, and breeds.  Specializing in the most problematic dogs out there, there is no dog we cannot handle. Please contact us for rates & availability.


We offer in-home training sessions catering to the special needs of you and your dog. The trainer will recommend how many sessions needed after the first training appointment. In-home sessions last for 1 hour or more. Programs that we offer are listed below.

Programs offered:

  • Behavior modification

  • Confidence building

  • Socialization

  • Desensitization

  • Puppy training/house breaking

  • Leash and collar training

  • Nutritional consultation

  • Pre-natal consultation


For any clients who have been a part of our in-home training program, we offer boarding in the trainer’s private home. If your dog has not been trained under us before, we require an initial evaluation before boarding. Here at The Confident Dog, your pet will not only continue his/her training, but will also become accustomed to walking, playing, and feeding with other dogs in a controlled environment. The benefits are great in that your pet will return to your home relaxed and better behaved.

We also provide pick up & drop off services to clients who cannot do so themselves from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Rates vary depending on location.

Please contact us at least two weeks in advance for when you plan on boarding to ensure availability as this is a popular program with a limited number of space.


We offer dog-walking to select neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY. The neighborhoods we currently offer walks to are Crown Heights, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Prospect Heights, Park Slope, Forte Greene, and Bushwick. We are continuing to expand our geographical capabilities in this arena of The Confident Dog.

These are controlled walks meant not only give your dog time outside, but also for your dog to benefit from training methods we use on walks. Training on walks helps to stimulate your pet mentally and physically.

Dogs are walked for 30 minutes either alone or together, maximum 3 dogs at a time. This helps to ensure that they are getting a proper, controlled walk in order for the dog walker to pay attention well to the dogs’ needs.