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It’s been barely a year since I brought my pit bull Jojo to Taylor and Dina and the transformation has been remarkable. I found Jojo tied up in the park near my house – yet another abandoned pit bull coming from what was almost certainly a bad home. She soon showed me that although super cuddly with me and a few select friends of mine, she had major trust issues when it came to strangers. She lunged at people whom she thought came to close or behaved strangely when we walked down the street. She even bit a few unsuspecting friends of mine who for whatever reason rubbed her the wrong way.

Taylor had us work on leash training and commands over and over and over. His form of leash training involves very specific commands and gestures, and I realized as we progressed that this training was transforming our relationship in a positive way by giving us structure and goals. Jojo has not lunged at anyone in a really long time and although we still have some territorial house issues to work on (and that’s from me not having done my homework with her in a while!) I am 100% confident that with Taylor’s coaching and me investing the time, Jojo will get where she needs to be.

In addition to training, Jojo has spent many, many hours with Taylor and Dina in their home. This is partly due to my work schedule and other factors that left me without a dog-friendly home for about a month. During her extended time with them this summer, she overcame another huge hurdle: socializing with other dogs, something she was never comfortable with. Taylor and Dina carefully introduced Jojo to their rotating posse of dogs. In the weeks that we were apart, I’d get photo updates from Dina that made my jaw drop: Jojo unleashed and chilling with other dogs; Jojo playing with a French bulldog; Jojo spooning (seriously!) with a terrier about a quarter of her size. To me, this is major progress. Jojo is finally comfortable with her own species, something I don’t think she was given the opportunity to experience before I met her.

Honestly, I don’t know where Jojo would be if it weren’t for these guys. Never have they lost faith in her ability to be a better more confident dog, and this has been encouraging for me, as I’m obviously less experienced when it comes to rehabilitating dogs and understanding their unique needs. And this is to say nothing of the services they offer: As yet another New Yorker who works crazy hours, I’m grateful that Taylor and Dina are so accommodating. They will drive to my place to pick her up and drop her off if she’s doing a day or overnight board, and send updates over the course of the day. It means that even when my schedule proves unpredictable and chaotic, Jojo is being well taken care of and learning new things. Talk about peace of mind.

In sum, Dina and Taylor do incredible work – and not just for their clients’ dogs, but for the city’s unwanted homeless ones too. Their rescue and rehabilitation efforts are inspiring. I’d say any pooch who finds its way to their doorstep is one lucky dog. – Jane T.

Before being introduced to The Confident Dog, my husband and I had worked with several trainers in hopes of helping our dog Kole. After hours of sessions and lots of wasted money, we were lucky enough to be introduced to Taylor and Dina. From the beginning we knew this would be a different experience, and we were spot on! Upon our first meeting, Taylor listened to our concerns and also experienced them firsthand. He assured us that Kole could absolutely learn how to behave appropriately, a task other trainers were uncertain of. We have now been working with Taylor and Dina for 5 months. Kole is a changed pup! He is confident, leash trained, follows commands and is CALM! People on the street walk up to us and ask us how we got so lucky to find such a calm and easygoing dog. We know it is all due to THE CONFIDENT DOG! All of our friends and family have seen the amazing transformation and cannot believe how much Kole has grown. Taylor and Dina are such kind and thoughtful people, and have always made themselves available if we have questions or need a last minute overnight for Kole. We truly do not know what we would do if we had done if we had not found them – they have changed both our lives and Kole’s. Thank you TCD, words can’t express how grateful we are to have you in our lives!!! – Meghan & Ryan Canning

Taylor is a true genius. It’s uncanny the way that he can get through to dogs. I have a beautiful Pit rescue that he helped me with, and let me tell you, he’s the most well behaved dog in town. It’s the second dog that he has worked with me on… and not the last. Very highly recommend. – Jason M.

I rescued Ogie from a shelter in San Diego shortly after he had been attacked by his litter mates. Taylor gave me the know-how to take a dog that was increasingly fearful and aggressive, and make him disciplined, submissive, and (most important) happy. I truly don’t know where we would be without him. Thanks to Taylor and Dina for your patience, empathy, and professionalism. – Lucas Robertson

We have a two year old Pug named Abu that we never really trained. He was housebroken of course but short of that, we really never took time to deal with any behavioral issues. We love our dog, and as a result he had become very spoiled.

We started working with Taylor in the beginning of the year to help work out some of Abu’s issue. As Taylor took the leash on our first session he had a great energy about him that Abu really responded to. What was even better, was that Taylor explained everything he was doing in such detail. He taught us what to do in an understandable and non-judgmental way. I was thrilled! After just the first session we noticed a remarkable improvement in our dog’s behavior.

Taylor also gave us homework that helped us follow through with the training between sessions. It really helped to be able to do things on our own to continue the training process. No change happens over-night, but I was thrilled at how much progress our dog was making. It was very rewarding to see. Now, months later, I am amazed looking back on how far we’ve come.”

Taylor’s love of animals is very clear and he demonstrates a remarkable amount of patience and understanding with them. We appreciate everything he has done for our family, and we would highly recommend him to anyone. – Kate and Ted Smith

My husband and I hired Taylor to train our second dog, a black lab mix named Columbo. Columbo is a rescue dog that was obviously crated and neglected for most of his early life. As he became more accustomed to his new surroundings he began displaying dog aggression as well as food / toy possession. Columbo became so aggressive when another dog approached; he would bite me in the leg as I tried to correct him. If Columbo found a chicken bone on the street he would growl and try to bite us if we tried to reach in his mouth.

Our first dog, Mia, started acting out with other dogs because she is a natural follower. Mia has her own fear-based issues that became exaggerated when Columbo came into the picture. It became impossible to walk them together. We knew we had to get a serious trainer immediately. We are expecting a baby and knew that these problems needed addressing in a big way.

Taylor’s natural and confident approach put us at ease the very moment we met him. He was working from the moment he first entered the door to our apartment. The dogs approached him, growling and barking, and he had them lying in their dog beds within seconds, something we were not able to do ourselves. We noticed a change in their behavior immediately and Taylor left us with concise and effective homework that produced results quickly.

Taylor loves what he does and it’s obvious. He was meant to do this. Taylor’s methods are very much in line with Cesar Milan’s as far as the energy the humans project, being present in the moment, and being in a calm and assertive state of mind, so that the dogs will look to us for leadership.

Taylor has given us both the tools and the confidence to be the leaders of our own pack. We are eternally grateful and so are our dogs. I would hate to think of what could have happened if we hadn’t found Taylor. – Tracy and Jason

Taylor & Dina are incredible. We have a shelter pup that we adopted overseas and moved with to NY in early 2011. She is wonderful but suffers from terrible separation anxiety and had a host of problems adjusting to her new life. One week with Taylor and his dogs (his “assistant teachers”) significantly improved her behavior and now, while we are continuing to work with her, she is a much happier and more well-adjusted dog. Taylor is patient, kind and really loves dogs, and Snickers responds so well to him…my husband and I have never seen anything like it. Every time he comes to pick her up, she sits at the door wagging her tail and woofing!

Finally, I would note that Taylor’s flexibility in working with us – whether we need to board her at short notice, have questions, need to switch training times, etc. – really reflects his desire to build strong long-term relationships with his clients. It is rare to find someone so accommodating and helpful in a place like New York City (particularly given how reasonable his pricing is) and for that reason I have happily recommended Taylor to many friends and acquaintances and would continue to do so with zero reservations. – Vidya V.

Taylor McKenna & staff @ The Confident Dog Training Services is not just a business or in it for the money he himself is a honest, trustworthy individual full of knowledge, great personality & gives 100% when working with your dog or providing your dog with the best care possible. (to say the least). He treats each dog he boards/trains/interacts with as if there his own. Taylor is  very intelligent when it comes to behavioral training full of knowledge and helps dissect & diagnosis (per say) getting to the root of any problem and you see results within the first visit with your pet. I guarantee you find this review helpful when making the decision to have your dog in the very best care possible don’t delay see for yourself contact him today you will be writing a wonderful review in no time! Taylor deserves it. – (I did, now its your turn) – Kelsie M.

We send one of our rescued dogs to train and board with The Confident Dog, and we could not have asked for more than we got. Taylor goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your dog gets the best training and care possible. I highly recommend The Confident Dog Training Services!

Vibeke Alstad Jagne, volunteer at For Animals Inc.

Taylor and Dina did wonders for my Bulldog/Pit bull terrier mix! They really know how to train your dog and you on proper behaviors and techniques.

I adopted my dog 5 months ago, and she was all over the place! She had never walked on a leash, been friendly with dogs or knew how to act properly around other people.

After utilizing many other services from dog trainers, I was lost and almost gave up. A friend recommended Taylor and Dina, and I gave it a shot. I boarded her with Taylor and Dina for a week, and got my dog back changed!

I can not thank Taylor and Dina enough! I highly recommend them to anyone who has a problematic/scared dog, or a dog in need of obedience training,  they have the tools to help your dog! – Angela B.

We had been treating our dog for a year with little or no results.  Taylor told us that he could get better, more manageable recall without treats.  The result has been a dog that we’re able to walk properly, respects us more, and is more enjoyable to have in the cluster of NYC.  Taylor gives the framework for successful dog training in the city. – Kris K.

We recently turned to Taylor as a last resort for some help with our 80 pound 2 year old OLde English Bully.

Henry was so uncontrolable for me at 120 lbs,that I could not walk him or keep him away from terrified visitors to our home.I was recommended to Taylor and am happy to report that I am now able to walk my dog and that he is actually listening to me.
We recently boarded Henry at Taylors place and for the first time in 2 years ,we had a carefree vacation.He came back happy,relaxed and scar and cut free for the first time ever.Henry has been kicked out of every doggy gym and boarding space in Broolkyn so I am very happy to have found a place that actually understands dogs.
I have also found Taylor to be very patient,honorable and accomodating of our schedule.
I highly recommend this service! – Marina B.

Taylor is amazing! When my 4 year old dachshund’s nervous behavior and frequent nipping/biting became a problem, I enlisted Taylor’s help. After a week of boarding and training, followed by sessions to show me the techniques my dog had learned, there were noticeable and immediate changes in my dog’s behavior and temperament. I was shocked by how quickly and effectively Taylor was able to make a lasting impact and improve both my dog’s and my quality of life!

Taylor really cares about dogs, that much is clear. He still emails and texts to check on my little guy, which I really appreciate. I HIGHLY recommend Taylor and his services! – Lyle M.

Taylor is absolutely phenomenal with my dog! I have a french bulldog puppy who is 7 months old who was energetic and stubborn! After working with Taylor, my puppy is a brand new dog! In addition to being a wonderful trainer, Taylor really takes incredible care of the dogs he trains and boards and it is truly evident how much he cares for these dogs. Even after Oliver returned from being boarded with Taylor, I received daily messages from Taylor checking in on how Oliver and I were doing.

I would recommend Taylor and his services to anyone and everyone! – Liz B.