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About Us



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Who We Are


I founded The Confident Dog in 2009. I live in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, which serves as the home base for our training, boarding and pet care services. I don’t believe in keeping dogs cooped up in cages, so our house is filled with lounging, snoozing, curled-up, barking, playing dogs. Either myself or one of our daycare managers is constantly present to keep a watchful eye while also training the pups. My home is their home, and that’s the way we like it.

What We Do

I’ve dedicated my life to helping misunderstood canine companions. I specialize in training pets who are considered “unfixable” cases. My speciality is working with owners who believe that there are no more options for a misbehaving pet.

How We Do It

I believe that effective dog training is about opening channels of communication between dog and owner. The Confident Dog is based on my fundamental belief that pet owners must not humanize their dog. Rather, owners must learn how to communicate with their pet in the best manner possible. My philosophy is that firmness, fairness, patience and balanced energy are the essential tools in rehabilitating and handling pets. There’s an answer to all canine behavioral problems without having to consider abandoning or euthanizing a pet. I strive to educate people on what those answers are by making them well-informed dog owners.

Our Cred 

I have had a high success rate in training dogs considered to be “untrainable.” I have rehabilitated more than 200 dogs in the greater NYC area since the inception of our company. I was a weekly contributing writer for Men’s Journal, writing on all things dog-related. I have had the opportunity to showcase my clients’ dogs by working in the entertainment industry with large canine breeds that were once problematic. I have worked with Comedy Central as a trainer/handler of a red-nose Pitbull for a sketch comedy pilot. I have also trained a Great Dane to became the star (as himself) in a theatre play, “The Rehearsal: Playing The Dane.”

Non-Profit Efforts

The Confident Dog works closely with rescue organizations while also rescuing dogs independently on a pro bono basis. We campaign for shelter dogs in the New York City area who have been abused, neglected and discarded. The Confident Dog also connects with local police precincts to help abandoned dogs they find who are in need of shelter and food by providing temporary placement, whether it is with The Confident Dog or in other foster homes.  These dogs usually require mental and physical rehabilitation in order to successfully find permanent families for them. The Confident Dog has found a home for many dogs, and we strive to continue finding loving homes for misunderstood dogs to call their own.